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Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

Mar 1, 2013

Andy Shernoff, bassist/songwriter for the legendary New york proto-punkers the Dictators, makes an appearance "in the pit" and mesmerizes us with tales of growing up in Forest Hills, Queens (the epicenter of rock 'n roll) in the 60's and 70's, being a huge record nerd, getting signed to Epic Records without having played a single show, songs about cars and girls and burgers, getting booted off a Rush tour, confronting a crowd of angry Billy Preston fans, almost getting goosesteeped by the polis in Germany, getting dropped from multiple major labels, and working as an A/V technician during a penis implant screening.  We also gab about the new videos he's working on.  There's so much good stuff in this ep of WORST GIG EVER you may have to listen twice!