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Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

May 16, 2014

We celebrate our 100th episode much the way we did our 1st, by bringing a member of one of our own bands on to talk about life and how to live it.  This time it's Dan Fetherston, Oxford Collapse drummer extraordinare, steamed cheeseburger enthusiast and caretaker of the oldest haus in Brukelyn, who reminds us of the time the Collapse decided to "jam" onstage in front of a paying audience instead of playing their songs.  We also talk about the demise of the OC and our most annoying habits, debate the merits of Guns 'N Roses, touring in your thirties, and stealing drum hardware from your local elementary school.  Hordes of heady times on this week's WORST GIG EVER!