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Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

Aug 12, 2012

The relentless upbeat Jodi Lennon stops by WORST GIG EVER to spread some P.M.A. and somehow gets away with it!  Jodi traces her history from the Chicago improv scene to the Big Apple and landing on the early Comedy Central sketch show Exit 57, (featuring younger versions of Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris), to making The Voice of Something, a documentary about comic Marc Maron in the wake of 9/11.  Along the way, Jodi makes a case for needing the drama, dealing with small crowds, and why she thinks Greenpoint, Brooklyn stinks.  This ep also features a special guest appearence by the wackiest funnyman this side of Margaritaville, COCONUT JONES!