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Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

Feb 21, 2014

Take a peek behind The Nylon Curtain when Liberty DeVitto - the man behind the backbeat to some of the most beloved songs of the 20th century - grants us exclusive access to his vast reservoir of worst gigs from his thirty years playing drums with Billy Joel.  From crew members hilariously sabotaging songs and Spinal Tap-esque drum riser malfunctions at huge arena shows to loading their own gear in the early days while driving around in rental cars and throwing McDonalds shakes at one another, it's an awesome look into life playing music at a level alien to most of us.  Liberty talks about everything from living at this parents' house to doing session work for Rick Wakeman to why he hates his drumming on "My Life" to Attila.  Tons of tales from the attic on this week's WORST GIG EVER!