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Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

Apr 21, 2013

Sultan of sleaze/professional provocateur/author of I Have Fun Everywhere I Go and ˆ,  Mike Edison skids "backstage" with a dirty laundry sack full of amazing tales to share. From working as the Editor in Chief of High Times and butting heads with the old guard at the "World's Most Notorious Magazine," to the technical drudgery of anonymously writing pornographic books, to inciting a riot at a frat house with his band the New York Shieks, and performing in the immortal GG Allin's band, Edison gives us all that and then some, a white knuckle ride through the muddy waters of porn, pot, punk rock, and pro wrestling.  Make sure you're stocked up on tissues, lotion, and razor blades for this week's WORST GIG EVER!